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Bothe - Napa Valley State Park features diverse flora and fauna. Birders have many opportunities for bird watching due to the the varied vegetation and microclimates in the park. The species list below shows birds spotted and recorded here.

c - common: species can usually be observed during the season indicated and in appropriate habitat
u - uncommon: species cannot always be observed unless searched for in the appropriate habitat
r - rare: a few individuals are observed annually
ca - casual: species has been observed only a few times and not on an annual basis
a - accidental: species has been observed in the park but is of extremely unlikely occurrence
An asterisk (*) indicates that the bird has been observed nesting within the park.
Sp (Spring) - March through May
Su (Summer) - June through August
F (Fall) - September through November
W (Winter) - December through February
Great Blue Heron ca ca ca ca
Great Egret   ca ca a
Snowy Egret     a  
Green Heron a ca   a
Canada Goose r a a ca
Wood Duck a      
Mallard a      
Ring-necked Duck a      
Turkey Vulture * c c c c
Osprey ca ca a  
White-tailed Kite * ca ca a  
Sharp-shinned Hawk * u u u u
Cooper's Hawk * u u u u
Northern Goshawk a      
Red-shouldered Hawk * c c c c
Red-tailed Hawk * c c c c
Golden Eagle a   a  
American Kestrel ca a ca ca
Merlin ca   ca ca
Peregrine Falcon * u u r r
Prairie Falcon   a    
Wild Turkey * c c u u
California Quail * c c c c
Mountain Quail * u u u u
Killdeer     a  
Mew Gull       a
Ring-billed Gull   a    
Rock Dove a   ca  
Band-tailed Pigeon * u u ca u
Mourning Dove * u c ca ca
Barn Owl ca ca   a
Western Screech-Owl * u u u u
Great Horned Owl * u u u u
Northern Pygmy-Owl * u u u u
Spotted Owl * r r r r
Northern Saw-whet Owl * u u r r
Vaux's Swift ca ca ca  
White-throated Swift * ca     a
Anna's Hummingbird * c c c c
Rufous Hummingbird r ca    
Allen's Hummingbird * u u ca u
Belted Kingfisher r r r r
Acorn Woodpecker * c c c c
Red-breasted Sapsucker u   u u
Nuttall's Woodpecker * c c c c
Downy Woodpecker * u u u u
Hairy Woodpecker * u u u u
Northern Flicker * u u c c
Pileated Woodpecker * u u u u
Olive-sided Flycatcher * u u ca  
Western Wood-Pewee r r ca  
Pacific-slope Flycatcher * c c ca  
Black Phoebe * c c r c
Ash-throated Flycatcher * r r    
Western Kingbird   ca    
Tree Swallow * ca a    
Violet-green Swallow * c c ca ca
Northern Rough-winged Swallow ca      
Barn Swallow ca ca    
Steller's Jay * c c c c
Western Scrub-Jay * c c c c
American Crow r ca r r
Common Raven * c c c c
Chestnut-backed Chickadee * c c c c
Oak Titmouse * c c c c
Bushtit * c c c c
Red-breasted Nuthatch ca ca ca a
White-breasted Nuthatch * c c c c
Pygmy Nuthatch     a  
Brown Creeper * c c c c
Bewick's Wren * c c c c
House Wren * u u   r
Winter Wren * u u u u
Golden-crowned Kinglet ca   ca ca
Ruby-crowned Kinglet u a c c
Western Bluebird * u u r u
Swainson's Thrush a      
Hermit Thrush * c c c c
American Robin * c c u c
Varied Thrush u   u c
Wrentit * c c c c
Northern Mockingbird ca   r u
California Thrasher * u u u u
Cedar Waxwing r   u u
European Starling * u u c c
Cassin's Vireo * c c ca  
Hutton's Vireo * u u u u
Warbling Vireo * u u ca  
Orange-crowned Warbler * c c    
Nashville Warbler a      
Yellow Warbler * ca ca    
Yellow-rumped Warbler u   c c
Black-throated Gray Warbler * u u ca  
Townsend's Warbler r   r r
Hermit Warbler ca   ca  
Wilson's Warbler * c c ca  
Western Tanager * c c c  
Black-headed Grosbeak * c c r  
Spotted Towhee * c c c c
California Towhee * c c c c
Chipping Sparrow * r r    
Fox Sparrow u   u u
Song Sparrow * r r r r
White-throated Sparrow ca     ca
Golden-crowned Sparrow c   c c
White-crowned Sparrow ca   ca ca
Dark-eyed Junco * c c c c
Red-winged Blackbird ca ca ca  
Tricolored Blackbird     ca  
Western Meadowlark a      
Brewer's Blackbird * c c c a
Brown-headed Cowbird * u u    
Bullock's Oriole * ca ca    
Purple Finch * u u u u
House Finch * c c u u
Red Crossbill   a    
Pine Siskin ca     ca
Lesser Goldfinch * u u r r
Lawrence's Goldfinch a      
American Goldfinch a     ca
Evening Grosbeak   a    
House Sparrow   r r  
Please report sightings, especially unusual ones, to help improve the list.  If possible, send a copy of
your checklist to:
Bothe-Napa Valley State Park
3801 St. Helena Hwy. N.
Calistoga, CA 94515
Phone: 707.942.4575
Fax: 707.942.9560
A copy of "Checklist of Birds, Bothe-Napa Valley and Robert Louis Stevenson State Parks" is available at the park for
25 cents or through the mail for 50 cents.