It all starts with advanced diagnostics, for the quick detection of heart disease.

Keeping you and your
heart healthy with:

- Angiography to detect heart diseases

- Electrocardiogram (EKG) to monitor heart activity

- Holter monitor for 24 hour rhythm analysis

- Cardiac risk evaluations

- Doppler ultrasound to evaluate valve function

- Balloon angioplasty to open narrowed arteries

- Pacemaker implantation & follow-up

- Rehabilitative & preventive exercise programs

- Cholesterol testing & education

- Stress reduction Heart disease prevention & recovery

- Nutritional & weight loss counseling

- Smoking cessation referrals

- And more, depending on your special needs

- Echocardiogram for positive identification of congestive heart failure

This test is especially valuable for people with chest pain who have a history of heart attacks in their family. The echocardiogram can detect heart trouble that may be part of your family history such as heart murmurs, high blood pressure, or heart attacks.

- Angiography to detect heart diseases

This procedure enables blood vessels to be seen on film so that diseases can be detected.

And when it comes to treating treating existing heard disease. We perform the most effective, noninvasive technique:

- Balloon angioplasty-the alternative to open-heart surgery

Often, this procedure is preferable to major open-heart surgery because it avoids the personal stress of major surgery - and it is also less costly.

You can count on affordable care and convenient appointments.

Your peace of mind is just as important as your good health. That's why we make sure your care is affordable for you.

We offer flexible payment plans, welcome Medicare, and accept most major insurance plans&emdash;we'll even take care of all the filing for you. In addition, we accept your Visa and MasterCard.

In most cases you can make an appointment on the same day you call. And you can always count on our 24 hour emergency care.

Detect heart disease before it can start. Call The Heart & Health Center for your appointment today.



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