At The Heart House, you'll learn how to keep both you and your heart healthy.

Located with the The Heart & Health Center is The Heart House, where we provide you with ongoing educational and exercise programs designed to improve both your heart and your general health.

For example, in our Stretch & Tone Exercise Program, you improve your flexibility and endurance, as well as your strength, using the latest techniques and equipment. Classes are small so that you get more one-on-one, personalized attention.

This exercise program, designed for people over 50 who want to keep their hearts healthy, was researched and developed by our director, Daniel E. Andrews III, M.D., F.A.C.C. And it is based on the time-proven rehabilitation programs he uses for heart patients.

Other Heart House programs include:

- Heart disease prevention & recovery
- Cardiac rehabilitation

And The Heart & Health Center has preventive care clinics, too.

In our Cholesterol Cl inic you'll be tested to see if youtre high, low, or within a healthy cholesterol range. You'll not only find out if you are at risk for a heart attack, but you'll also learn what to do about it if you are.

And our Pacemaker Clinic teaches you to troubleshoot problems through preventive maintenance, as taught by a representative of our pacemaker's manufacturer. You'll also get an EKG, and your pacemaker will be tested and adjusted if necessary.

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