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Howell Mountain Education Foundation

Many schools have the benefit of a wonderfully supportive Parent/Teacher Association.

We tried that for awhile, but then they came up with a better plan.

The Howell Mountain Education Foundation is a non-profit organization run by parents and interested community members.

Every two years, they hold an auction in the Napa Valley that raises well over $100,000! The last auction alone raised over $150,000. This money goes directly to our school and students, to help us create a better educational experience for the kids.

Art and music programs, ceramics classes, field trips and assemblies are all part of the wonderful enrichment programs they have provided over the years.

In addition to for Direct-to-Student donations, they have given generously to help the school renew it's infrastructure, and provide a backbone for learning.

If you would like more information, please Click Here and you will be taken to their web site.

Thank you to all of the people who support this organizations efforts to make Howell Mountain a better school!


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