This is my summer to go to weddings. I've been to three so far and will be going to three more in the next five weeks. And a 40th anniversary party on one of the other weeks.

Oh and then my daughter's best friend is getting married next summer and my DD is the Maid of Honor. Since the bride's mom is a dear friend (who is also at all these wedding but the one which is out of town) we spend much of our time analyzing and talking about weddings.

This got me thinking about how to incorporate needlepoint into a wedding.

First know the couple and be sure the needlepoint will be appreciated. You don't want to spend all that time stitching if they won't treasure the gift.

Second, think about what you have time to do. Don't plan on making a wedding kneeler for the church (which stays with the church) if the wedding is soon.

Then think about what you would like to make. Some ideas for the bridal party include a a ring bearer's pillow, a cornucopia to hold a bouquet of silk flowers (don't put real flowers in a needlepoint holder) or cummerbunds for the groom or Father of the Bride. Another idea would be to make The Red Thread's "Lace" tool tote with a coordinated background and to finish it as an evening bag. If you are not making it in whites, then be sure to use colors which coordinate with the wedding party.

If it's a church wedding, the church might look forward to having a wedding kneeler. These are double length kneelers for the bride and groom. Ask at the church to see if one is both welcome and needed.

Wedding samplers are a traditional and cherished gift. A friend of mine has hers hanging in the living room in a place of honor. If you don't find a design you like, why not make a great frame to put around the wedding invitation.

Needlework made in honor of someone special is a wonderful way to commemorate these happy events.