Four Mountains WebQuest

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Congratulations! You have completed both WebQuests and your site location proposal presentation(s) to the UNGS!

At times adults, as can children, can get too bogged down in the politics and excitement of having to make an important decision. By looking at a problem, setting a list of clear criteria, conducting research on the topic, then assigning values to each problem area based on clear and specific criteria, answers will often become quite clear and obvious.

Many buildings have been placed in dangerous, ridiculous, hard to reach, and otherwise inappropriate locations due to the decision makers failing to check the details and consider all the possible outcomes. Your group has just completed a task that required you to look at a problem (a location for a new UNGS building), conduct research on the possible outcomes (WebQuest worksheets on locations), break down the information into a criteria ranking (criteria worksheet), and then analyze the data according to the criteria. Your group then had to propose a location, back up your argument persuasively with facts and details related to the criteria, and explain, according to the criteria and facts, why the other three locations would not work.

Real people do this process in the real world every day. Where else could you see yourself having to use this process? How about your friends, parents or other adults that you know?



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Four Mountains Worksheet Rubric
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Four Mountains GROUP cooperative work Rubric
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PowerPoint Rubric
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Four Mountains INDIVIDUAL cooperative work Rubric
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