Lulu Press Poetry Prizes

Lulu press offers two poetry prizes.

LULU PRESS POETRY PRIZE One award in the amount of $50 to a poet whose work has been published in the Napa County Arts Council publication, ArtScan Poetry & Postscripts, and selected by independent jurors for recognition of exceptional merit. The Arts Council selection and awards ceremony is a biennial event. Poems considered for the prize are those that have been published during the two preceeding years.

LULU PRESS POETRY PAGE AWARD One award each year in the amount of $25 to a Napa County resident who has been published on the Lulu Press Poetry Page during the preceeding year. The winning poem will be republished on the Page in a section reserved for this purpose. However, poems that have received other awards are not eligible.

Napa Valley College Award

JESSAMYN WEST POETRY AND FICTION AWARD This award is given by Napa Valley College to a student of the College in recognition of meritorious literary achievement. Contestants must have been enrolled in the college in previous classes in order to be eligible. Entry catagories are fiction, non-fiction, or poetry. Winners of the prize are not eligible to resubmit for 7 years in the same category. A presentation takes place each year, date and place vary. For more information, contact the Napa Valley College Scholarship Office.

Click here for current winners.

Napa County High Schools Awards

MARGARET BENTLEY CREATIVE WRITING AWARD Yearly award in the amount of $150 for a Vintage High School senior who displays exceptional literary talent.

National League of American Penwomen - Napa Branch

BERNICE DUNN LETTERS, ART & MUSIC AWARD This sholarship honors Bernice Dunn, a charter member of the
Napa Valley Branch of Penwomen and a local arts columnist. The scholarship is given to graduating Napa Valley College students who are continuing in the fields of letters, art or music. The grant amounts total $1,500 per year. Napa Valley College does the initial screening of applicants and the final selection is by the Penwomen scholarship committee. To apply, contact Napa Valley College Scholarship Office.

Open Door Book Store Award

OPEN DOOR BOOK STORE POETRY AWARD Yearly award in the amount of $25 for a Napa Valley student for the best student poem published on the Lulu Press Poetry Page.

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