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'Memory' therapy leads to a lawsuit and big settlement
A Salem Halowe'en
It is Time for the Recovered Memory Wars to End
   an internet Op-Ed by Moira Johnston
Smiling Though Tears
   by Pamela Freyd and Eleanor Goldstein
These are No Ordinary Memories
   by Moira Johnston to the editor of the Judges Journal
The Columbia Journalism Review Lights a Firestorm
   U-turn on Memory Lane by Mike Stanton
   Moira Johnston's Response
A Press Release from Richard Harrington
   Attorney for Gary Ramona
Elizabeth Loftus in Scientific American
   Foreward by Moira Johnston
More on Colombia Journalism Review Debate
Pam Freyd's Original Letter
Frederick Crews's Letter
Daniel Schacter's Letter
Merk Pendergrast's Query Letter 

New York Times Review
New York Law Journal
Publishers Review
SF Chronicle Review
San Jose Mercury Review
FMSF Review
Kirkus Review
Detroit Free Press
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Santa Fe New Mexican Review
La Times
Washington Post


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