Curio's Expert Witness Pamela Hudson

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Posted by caitlin on February 22, 1999 at 11:33:41:

In her 2-20-99 post "Satanic cult leader, Michael Aquino's harassment and why", Karen Jones states the following:

"Many children from this daycare center [Jubilation Daycaare] entered therapy with Pamela Hudson LCSW, who later described her experiences with these traumatized children and her abrupt introduction into ritual abuse in her published overview describing several cases, as well as a chapter in the book, *Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse*, edited by Valerie Sinason, 1994. ..."

Daniel Ryder references the work of Ms. Hudson in his 1992 book BREAKING THE CIRCLE OF SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE: Recognizing and Recovering from the Hidden Trauma. Minneapolis: CompCare Publishers. (See "Working with Children Exposed to Ritual Abuse", pages 39 - 45.)

For example, in his tell-all book, Ryder (p. 42) credits Ms. Hudson with providing an explanation for why some children talk about being taken away by aliens. "Ms. Hudson said it became apparent to her that perpetrators actually set up stagings for incidents of abuse. Perpetrators dressed as space alients or cartoon characters, so that later when a child was questioned by a therapist, lawyer, or police officer, the child might say that the abuser was an alien or Mickey Mouse - and the whole story might be dismissed as fabrication."

Ryder recommends Ms. Hudson't book RITUAL CHILD ABUSE and states it provides extensive details on techniques for working with children who have been exposed to ritual abuse. (Hudson, Pamela S. RITUAL CHILD ABUSE: Discovery, Diagnosis and Treatment. Saratoga, Calif.: R and E Publishers, 1991. (408/866-6303.)

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