Real Name: Felicia Hardy

Birth Place: New York City

Powers: None..

Power Source: None.

Other Helpful Items: Gloves with retracktible claws, talon knives, implants that increase her strength, speed, agility, implants that let her land on her feet, contact lenses that let her see in the dark, and a grapling hook.

Current Status: Heroine.

Marital Status: Dating.

Current Group Membership: None.

Former Group Membership: None.

Known Allies: Spider-Man.

Worst Enemy: None.

History: Felicia began her criminal career out of respect for her cat-burgler father, but kept it on a misguided attempt to attract Spider-Man. Eventhough she knew that Spider-Man was really Peter Parker. Felicia's ablieties were fully natural, with the 'accidents' that befell who ever crossed her path being just well-planned stunts. After almost getting killed by The Owl and Doc Ock, Felicia thought that her lack of powers made her vulnerable to Spider-Man. While Peter was away in Secret Wars, Felicia went to Kingpin, and made a pact with him in return for his scientists giving her super-powers. She kept it a secret from Peter for a long time. But what she didn't know was that her new bad-luck power was infectious, and that it was permanently jinxing Spider-Man. That was the Kingpin's plan all along. She broke up with Spider-Man, and Dr. Strange removed her bad-luck power, changing her own abilities in the process. Since then she settled into a life of her own, albeit one which regularly interwines with Peter's. She recently dated Flash Thompson for a while, primarily to irrtate Peter.